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Online store “OTMAX” offers to your attention a purchase of electric bikes, one of the most world famous producers.

In our product line you can find different repair parts and accessories for electric bikes, segways, airwheels, electric scooters, electric skateboards, mini segways, taga bikes and other means of transport. The products of online store “OTMAX” are very popular all around the world,because of following benefits:

  • a wide range of electric bikes, segways, air wheels, electric scooters, segways, taga bikes and equipment for creating an eco-friendly means of transport
  • competitive prices
  • high quality of any product
  • continuous improvement of its technologies and successful implementation of new developments,in order to improve the technical characteristics of offered vehicles
  • the ease of use, operation and functions of electric scooters, bikes, air wheels, electric segways,electric skateboards,taga bikes etc.
  • reliability and durability

In online store “OTMAX” you can buy a new electric bikes as well as a special Kits for self-alteration of the bicycle. Two-wheel and eco-friendly means of transport become more and more popular around the world.

We offer to our customers a wide range of electric bikes,electric scooters,segways,air wheels,ecomobiles,taga bikes etc. Competent consultation of our specialists can help you manage time and money in a worth way. In our online store “OTMAX” you can buy a powerful electric bikes wholesale and retail. You will certainly appreciate a high quality of our products and service. To clarify the availability and cost of electric bikes, segways, scooters you can contact our operators or in our web-site. You can order electric scooters, bikes, segways, ecomobiles online or by telephone.

Where to buy Hybrid bycicle?

Online store OTMAX can help you to choose your hybrid bycicle better than anyone. In our online store you can slowly look into the models and prices.It is obvious that everybody wants to have value for money and the cheapest product. In our online store there is the balance between price and quality. Therefore, to buy and to find the cheapest electric bike you have to spend a lot of time. However, our online store can help to save considerable time. There are a lot of  electric bikes producers, that’s why there is a big gap between pricies. Due to our online store you can buy electric bikes at a low price, because all electric bikes are well presented in the assortment. Another compact electric bestseller-electric scooter you can also buy in our online store.

Sale of electric scooters

The citizens of big cities suffer from the lack of time, because getting to different places usually takes a lot of time. That’s why we spend a lot of time, money and strengths on purchasing goods, while getting from one place to another. People have found the way how to save the time and effort: purchasing goods via the Internet. Our online store of electric scooters can easily prove it.

The wide range of electric scooters will satisfy the needs of any client. In our online store anyone can buy electric scooter for adults. It differs from a children one:

  • powerful electric motor
  • enough space for legs
  • more comfortable seat, that can be regulated
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